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Congratulations to those members who have been nominated for this award.
All members now have the opportunity to vote for the person who should win this generous award donated by Expertise Events.

Voting is now open

  • You must be a financial member to vote
  • You can only vote once
  • Voting closes on 14 September.

The winner will be notified on 17 September and will be awarded their prize by Gary Fitz-Roy (Expertise Events) at the Quilt Show Presentation, Wednesday 3rd October.

All decisions are final and no correspondence shall be entered into. This award is non-transferable. In the event of the recipient being unable to go to AQC and thereby unable to accept the award, it will revert to the Management Committee.

Qld Quilters Inc would like to acknowledge the extraordinary contribution that all of our volunteers make to our quilting community and we appreciate this award provided by Expertise Events, to enable us to acknowledge one of our volunteers.

List of Nominees

Please click on the name of each of the Nominees to see the reasons for their nomination.

Then cast your vote using the form below.

Elizabeth was our treasurer at one stage and did a great job by bring our books up to date.

She put all our book work in one place that made it easy to use.

She helped our other treasurer’s to come up to date with the new bookwork.

Over the years Robyn has done a lot of work for QLD Quilters.

She was secretary for a number of years. Also was part of the Quilt Show committee for a number of years.

Always willing to help in any way.

Jan in an inspiration for her dedication to Queensland Quilters and her willingness to help new and old members with any queries they have.

Since Jan joined QQ in 2001, she has served on the Management Committee for 5 years;
worked on the door at monthly meetings since 2003;
organised the white glove roster and attended QQ shows for 6/7 years (this in conjunction with Sharon Anderson;
Searched old newsletters and has written a history of the activities of women in QQ.

Judy was secretary for 3 years and has helped out with the set up and take down of the challenge and quilt shows. Judy has opened the shed for transport of the quilt stands to and from the shows. Judy attends day and night meetings and was on the 2q mod committee.

Judy has worked within the group in a number of positions and volunteered numerous hours. She visits various shows and different quilting groups and represents Qld quilters

Verna is a quiet achiever who is always involved with whatever is happening with Queensland Quilters and works away without expecting any rewards.

She has been a valued member of Qld Quilters for 21 years and a committee member for over 9 years.

Verna has been the Membership Secretary/ Assist Treasurer for a number of years and is usually at every event every day and almost the last to leave still working after the event counting takings and banking. She spends many hours at the computer receipting takings into QuickBooks, processing membership paperwork, badges,etc. Verna has and still participates in other voluntary activities such as white gloving, catering, bag making and most likely things I don’t know about.

Verna has been membership secretary for several years which is a big job and one that continues all year. She is always at the back of the meetings attending to membership issues.
She is extremely active with the quilt show from providing lunch for the helpers at set up day and is a quilt collector and white glover . Verna is always ready to step in whenever something needs doing.

Chris Jones will represent our guild well at the event. The experience would be valued by Chris, she would be a humble recipient, and through her love of sharing within QQ many members would benefit also.

Chris Jones has been a long time member of QQ and a much loved valued member by committee members and general membership alike.
Chris has across the time of her membership held various positions of leadership in the main group and sub groups, and is always a willing worker behind the scenes.

Chris is always cheerful and welcoming to everyone. She actively promotes Qld Quilters and is a great ambassador.

Chris has been an active member of Qld Quilters for many years. She has been active on the management committee of 2QAQ and is currently the Convenor. She promotes Qld Quilters at every opportunity and has traveled to various parts of Queensland with the SOTA exhibition over many years. Chris attends both the day and night Tuesday gatherings and the Saturday 2QAQ gathering. She is knowledgeable of all things quilting!!!

Chris Jones has been an active member of QQ for many years at day and evening meetings.
She encourages members to be active in entering 2Q exhibitions. Passes on information about meetings and events.

Curator of SOTA exhibitions for 3 years and still helping with data entry.
Co-ordinator of 2QAQ for the last 2 years and continuing next year.
Auction Co-ordinator for Quilt Connect 2 years
Auction co-ordinator for SOTA 18

Over many years, Margot has made a consistent and diligent contribution to the smooth running of Queensland Quilters.

It doesn’t matter which event, Margot is always there with a smiling, welcoming face,helping out.
Her development of the 2QMod group definitely needs recognising and rewarding. Margot’s work and her passion for contemporary quilting have inspired so many and the group is flourishing. She keeps everyone up to date with the group with emails and always encouraged to come and join in.

Margot’s attendance at some Modern Quilting workshops in Melbourne at AQC would lead to her coming back even more inspired and spread the joy!

Margot puts in a lot of time and has a genuine interest in 2Q for now and looking to the future. As a younger quilter her enthusiasm brings a lot to the guild and members benefit from this. Margot is an accomplished quilter with a fresh view to quilting. She could enjoy the convention and subsequently bring skills and ideas back to other members.

Margot heads up 2Q Mod putting in a lot of effort to make the group inclusive and fun for all who attend. Creating interesting topics, challenges and assisting those new to Modern Quilting grow their skills. Margot supports 2Q by giving generously of her time to be at the October show almost daily as well as being involved with other groups and being a Steward for the Quilts Across Queensland which 2Q sponsors.

Karen Mersiades for her tireless work, over the past few years, for Queensland Quilters.
Karen is a great ambassador for 2Q, and still is active in judging quilts.
She is always encouraging in her advice and only too willing to explain a technique, when showcasing her beautiful quilts.
She has taken on the roles of Treasurer, Vice-President, Workshop Convenor, Quilt Show Convenor, Valuer and Judge.
Her committment and energy given to each of these roles is highly commendable.

She sought Sponsorships and being the designer (with her husband) of the new and improved quilt stands for our shows.
The most recent participations include Guest speaker at Zone Day Northern NSW, Participant in the Caravan Trip to Western Qld, Guest Tutor at Dalby and Guest Judge at Local Shows eg Mt Gravatt and Beaudesert.

She is an all round giver and participator.

Lajla is a very humble person with a wealth of knowledge about all things quilting including dyeing, discharge, hand stitching and quilt making. She is very happy to pass on her knowledge when asked. Lajla is always happy and promotes Qld Quilters at every opportunity.

Lajla is the Curator of the SOTA exhibition and in this role has been very busy communicating with regional art galleries throughout Queensland, jurors and judges. She has personally driven to and delivered the exhibition pieces to most regional galleries. She has volunteered a significant part of her life over the last couple of years to SOTA. She is extremely knowledgeable and very giving of her expertise. Lajla (and Chris Jones) set up the 2QAQ stand at the October Quilt Show and Quilt Connect.

Loretta has been on the committee for a long time. She attends both day and night meetings and is I think still on the 2Q mod committee. Loretta has run the Challenge for many years now and is involved with set and pull down at many different shows during the year as well as posting or arranging collection of quilts so they can bee seem by groups outside of Brisbane.

Loretta’s significant contribution is the Çhallenge quilts and all her work to ensure members work is shown in Brisbane and around the state. The challenge is an excellent showcase for 2Q.

Jan is always generous with her help on anything to do with quilting – will always find an answer and always has a smile for everyone.

Her main contribution to 2Q was initiating our Retreats – over 20 years ago. For many years she led those retreats at Peregian and Laidley. In the early days, these retreats helped cement friendships that have lasted years. Jan was always available to help anyone with elementary patchwork or quilting questions or with design or finishing off a quilt. She helped significantly through other positions at 2Q but the Retreats are the things that I think were one of her most important contributions to 2Q.

Jan continues to help patchworkers through classes and retreats at Grandchester.

Jan has been quilting since 1988 and a member of QQ since 1991. She has played a very active role in growing QQ into the guild it is today. She has held various committee positions and is a past editor of the newsletter, membership secretary and group liasion person as well as being on the Management Committee for three years. Recently she was part of the guild’s Teacher Accreditation panel. Jan became an accredited teacher from the first QQ course run in 1996-7. From 1997 for three years she ran seven retreats each year for 40+ QQ members. To this day she is still running retreats for 10 quilters about 7 times year at her farm property.
Jan promotes the benefits of the art and craft of patchwork and quilting so that others get the same enjoyment from producing quilts and related items as she does.

Apart from the significant work for QQ, Jan travels far and wide teaching and holding workshops. These are tailored to suit group needs and a broad range of skill levels. She holds about 9 skill builder workshops each month where students work at their own pace under Jan’s watchful eye.
She is very generous in sharing her intellectual property which has been built up over her many years as a crafter. Jan is the reason many of us became QQ members.
Jan has designed many quilts to help quilters use up their scraps and encourages her students to do so. She has published her own quilt patterns and booklets with clear and easy to follow instructions. I’ve seen many amazing quilts evolve after a quilter turns up at a workshop with just a pile of fabric and lets Jan cast her magic.

Gail Price has been a volunteer since she joined Queensland Quilters. She has done many tasks for the guild and this year she has taken on the position as Quilt Convenor. She has always been available to assist with the hanging and pull down of our show in October. Her computer skills have been of great assistance with our slide show at the quilt show. She is also an active member of Linus and helps with the promotion of this great charity at our October show. Gail is on our appraisal team and has helped the newer members of this team understand the process for giving a replacement value to the members for their quilts.

Assist with the hanging and pull down the quilt show in October.
Convenor of the Qld quilt show
Prepare the slide show for the quilt show
Member of the Appraisal team
Active member of Linus making quilts for sick children.

Gail is unflappable! Consistently diligent and constructive in her support of QQ. She is always approachable, generous and tirelessly (or so it appears) organises our quilt shows.
Linus patterns and major organiser of the quilt show!

Sandra has been a really active member of Bundaberg Quilters and Queensland Quilters for many years. She enters every 2Q show and SOTA as well as supporting her groups in Bundaberg – she has been chosen as part of the SOTA exhibition many times. She had led Bundaberg Quilters and been an important part of their Textile Art group – inspiring others to have a go at all things textile. She is a very valuable part of 2Q in one of our regional groups.

Chair of Bundaberg Quilters and providing inspiration to the textile group in the region. Supports 2Q even though she is kilometers away.

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