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The following groups received Quilt Assist in 2018

A & R Quilters
Bundaberg Quilters
Cooparoo Quilters
Crazy Quilters
Island Quilters
Mountain Quilters
Pumicestone Piecers
Peppermint Stitches

We look forward to seeing what these groups produce for their charities.

Thank you to all Affiliated Groups who applied for funding. If you were unsuccessful this year, please apply again in 2019.

Lyn Kenny

# fabrictrail by SAlt

The hashtag symbol is explored in this exhibition by five talented textile artists from South Australia. Originally a typewriter key symbol for ‘number’, the hashtag is now widely used as a means of connecting targeted audiences on social media platforms. This Exhibition shows how the members of the group have interpreted the theme in textiles.

This Exhibition will

Textile artworks inspired by Vincent’s life and masterworks were displayed together in tribute to this favourite artist at the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne, April 2018. These exquisite quilts from makers all over the world are made entirely from hand-dyed suede-look cotton from Cherrywood Fabrics, a small company in Minnesota, USA. The stunning visual impact of this exhibit is due

Bordering Extinction by Sue De Vanny

My inspiration for this theme Bridges and Borders is the diminishing Rhinoceros. These are the White (wide mouthed) Rhino. All of the 5 different types are critically endangered. Having gone on safari in different parts of Africa the Rhinos are almost non-existent due to poaching. Whilst lots of work is being done to stop

Colorful Retina by Sugy Kim

Quiltmaker’s Statement: The eye is the window of the human body through which it feels the beauty of the world and also the sorrow of the world. What a human eye sees is an illusion of what is real. It is the retina of the eye which converts the light into neural signals and sends these

What is an Art Quilt???
From Lajla Nystad,the current Curator of State of the Art exhibition.
On display is SotA17 – it'll be at the Redlands Quilt Extravaganza. Each year we ask and hope that some of you will decide to enter one of your art quilts and have the great experience of seeing your work in an Art Gallery. It's great

Jurying quilts for a travelling exhibition is an interesting and challenging task - previously I have judged for QQ; various affiliated groups and the Redcliffe Show. There is a difference between judging and jurying, and some overlaps too. When judging quilts, we are looking for excellence in all aspects of the work, and we are choosing the most outstanding pieces

In April, Kaye Sauer, of Apatchy Quilting, delighted us with her quilting journey, comparing it to a walk she took with her husband along Hadrian's Wall - not exactly sure where it is taking you.

The quilts she showed us told her story - a story of attempting anything regardless of whether she thought she had the skills to do it

A busy day machine quilting with Jane Rundle!
We had a full class and the ladies all learnt how to freemotion quilt using guides, either by using the seams on their quilt, or by marking some lines. They learnt how to do circles, feathers and lots of other little techniques to help with the freemotion quilting. At the end of the

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