Julie introduces us to the Theme and Size for SOTA 2023 Quilts


A juried and judged Art Quilt exhibition for members of Queensland Quilters Inc.

Exhibition Venues: To be Confirmed

Curator: Julie Tasker    [email protected]

Prizes: To be advised


Queensland Quilters Inc. defines an art quilt as a fibre or mixed media piece of 2 layers or more held together in some way. The finished piece needs to be identifiable as a quilt.

Entry is open to all financial members of Queensland Quilters Inc. only.

Quilts completed between January 2020 and February 2023 are eligible.

Theme: “Flora”:  “Flora” is Latin, meaning “flower”. The word originates from the year 1500, referring to the Roman Goddess of Flowers. In Middle English its meaning included “to blossom, flourish”. Today, the word refers to the plant life of a region. Artists are invited to explore the word “Flora” and what it means to you.

Size: Finished pieces must be in multiples of 15 inches- to a maximum of 45 inches. Therefore the quilt may be 15” square/ 30” square/ 45” square, OR any rectangle in multiples of 15 inches: 15” x 30” (or 30” x 15”) OR 15” x 45” (or 45” x 15”) or 30” x 45” ( or 45” x 30”). The top and one side must have straight edges.

A variance of 1/2″ will be acceptable on the finished size of the entries.

Quilts must not have been entered or exhibited previously in a Queensland Quilters Inc quilt show or Challenge.

Quilts must be the original design and sole work of the person whose name appears on the entry form and not a product of a workshop. 

Cost of entry: $20 per quilt. Maximum 3 entries.

Online entries only https://www.qldquilters.com/              Payments as per online entry conditions.

After the exhibition has been selected by the Juror, two Judges will award three prizes. Judges decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Delivery and return instructions to be advised.

Each piece must be sturdy enough to travel without special requirements. Pieces that have significant 3-dimensional features, embellishments that extend more than 2cm out of the face layer, require special hanging apparatus, are delicate or require special handling will not be selected. Please note that the quilts may be folded for transportation purposes.

Quilts must have a secure label attached with the title, maker’s name, address and contact phone number.

A 10cm wide hanging sleeve on the back must lie at least 4 cm from the top and side edges.

Queensland Quilters Inc. reserve the right to photograph and use images for purposes as it sees fit.

For promotion, advertising, exhibition catalogue and/or multimedia productions for or about the exhibition Queensland Quilters Inc. may use full or detailed images and all or part of artist statement supplied.

Queensland Quilters Inc is not liable for any damage or loss of exhibition items however such loss or damage is caused, including any negligent act, omission, fault or cause.

Insurance, if desired, is the responsibility of the entrant.

The work must be available for all exhibitions and will not be released during this period.

The artist is responsible for the cost of postage to Queensland Quilters Inc. Quilts will be returned by Queensland Quilters Inc. using regular post.

If a quilt is not selected for this exhibition, the original cannot be entered into any future SOTA exhibitions.

No photographs of selected entries are to be shown on social media sites before judging has taken place.


Supply of digital images is required; 1 full view showing all edges and 1 detail to be supplied for each quilt. https://www.qldquilters.com NO IMAGE TO BE LARGER THAN 4MB CAPACITY.

Jury selection is made from the images supplied by the artist. Professional level photography is essential for inclusion in any publicity. Please acknowledge the photographer.

Title each digital image with your last name, the first 2 words of quilt title and whether it is full or detail eg: SmithYellowFlowerFull and SmithYellowFlowerdetail. The full image must show all the edges of the finished work.

Do not send actual artwork at this time.

Calendar: Saturday February 25th 2023: “Receive by” date for submission of online entries.

Saturday March 25th 2023: Delivery deadline for selected quilts (2QAQ meeting day).

SOTA23 Entry Form

First Name
Last Name
Please enter your email address
Type Number including area code, without any spaces: 0712345678
Type all numbers without spaces: 0421345678


Complete this section for each quilt that you are entering
Width of Quilt in Inches
Height of quilt in Inches
Artist Statement will be displayed with the work – 70 words or less

Digital Photographs

You will need to upload 2 digital photographs of your quilt below. The website will automatically resize your images, if they are too large. This may take a little time. Please be patient and wait for the images to upload before you continue.

Maximum file size: 4MB

Maximum file size: 4MB


Payment Method

You can make payment by Direct Deposit to Queensland Quilters OR by Credit Card

Direct Deposit

Name of Account: Queensland Quilters Inc BSB: 034-002 Account Number: 768617 Please include your last name and membership number as the payment reference.

Credit Card

Please contact Verna Hunt with your credit card details. Mobile: 0409 062 485