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Quilt Stand Hire

Queensland Quilters have wooden stands and metal gates/frames for hire.

All equipment is stored at Wellers Hill Bowls Club Tarragindi. Collection of the stands and transport to and from the club are the responsibility of the hirer. Stands need to be collected and returned at the agreed times.

For further information or to hire the stands please contact our Property Officer at [email protected]

Wooden Stands

The wooden stands come in both adjustable and fixed height versions and a unit consists of two uprights and two rods.

When planning your quilt show, be aware that the stands can be placed in a line so, 2 complete stand units plus two extra rods will hang six quilts.

Any wooden stands hiring will include at least one pair of lifting prongs.

Adjustable Stands

The majority of our wooden stands are adjustable from 1.90m up to 2.80m.

Fixed Stands

Fixed stands come in heights of:

  • 1.50m
  • 1.80m
  • 2.60m

Extra Rods

We have a large number of extra rods in lengths from 1.20m up to 3.00m.




Metal gates

Consist of a metal mesh frame approximately 1.60m high by 1.20m wide supported by a pair of metal legs. The gates have a male and female version and for stability they must be erected in pairs as in the picture. A unit is 2 frames and 4 legs.


Hire Charges

Cost of hiring per unit (including GST).

Item Cost per unit
Wooden stands (2 uprights & 2 rods) $5.50
Extra rods each $0.75
Metal gates (2 frames & 4 legs) $5.50