2020 2QMod Challenge moved to 2021

In light of some of the recent Covid-19 related challenges many of us are facing, including the cancellation of the 2Q Quilt Show this year, where we were hoping to first display the quilts in our “Off Kilter” Challenge, 2QMod are now also making some changes.

We will now be extending the entry and quilt delivery dates by 12 months, to the same time in 2021.  So, that will now mean that the online entries will be due by the 14th of August 2021, with the quilts themselves to be handed in by the 11th of September 2021.

For those of you that have already finished your quilt entries, the good news is that you now have plenty of time to create a second quilt from all of the other ideas you might have had.

For those of you contemplating entering, or for those of you with your quilts still in progress, then the even better news is that you now have more time to get them created and completed at a more relaxed rate, or even use some of the surplus creative ideas to get another quilt ready for entry.

Please remember that this Challenge is open to ALL members of 2Q, and we encourage all of you to consider getting involved, especially if are lucky to be in your sewing room a little more of late and are looking for something new to get in to.

First PRIZE:  $300 cash donated by Queensland Quilters Inc.

Second PRIZE:  $200 cash donated by Queensland Quilters Inc.

Third PRIZE:  $100 cash donated by Queensland Quilters Inc.


  1. Entrants must be individual financial members of Qld Quilters Inc. To be considered for judging entrants must either be permanent residents of Queensland or attend monthly meetings regularly or have been a continual financial member for more than two previous years.  Entrants under 18 years of age are not required to be individual financial members of Qld Quilters Inc., but to be considered for judging they must be permanent residents of Queensland.
  2.  A maximum of 2 entries per entrant may be purchased.
  3.  Entry fee is $15 per quilt
  4. This is a themed challenge and is the maker’s interpretation of the subject . The theme is Off Kilter MODERN / Asymmetrical Design and eligible entries must include in the quilt description how the theme applies to the quilt’s design.
  5. The size of the finished quilt is to fit within a 90 cm x 90 cm area The top, rod pocketed edge must be 90 cm with
    the remaining edges to be a minimum of 50 cm) cm). A tolerance of 1cm in any direction is allowed.
  6. Any method of construction and any technique or embellishment may be used in a “Modern” aesthetic.
  7. All entries must be the total work of the entrant only. No hands-on assistance or commercial quilting is allowed.
  8. A quilt is defined as 3 layers of material held together at regular intervals by stitching.
  9. Quilts must have a 10cm deep rod pocket securely attached to the top.
  10. Quilts must be labelled with the quilt title, the maker’s name, address and phone number on the back
  11. Work must not be signed on the front.
  12. The entrant will pay forward postage. Standard return postage, if required, will be paid by Queensland Quilters Inc.
  13. All entries will be held for approximately 18 months for touring and exhibitions.
  14. Queensland Quilters Inc. accepts no responsibility for any loss, damage or destruction of quilts however caused in transit or while in our custody. Insurance cover is the responsibility of the maker.
  15. Queensland Quilters Inc. reserves the right to photograph or permit photography of any or all entries for our records, publication or other appropriate purposes.
  16. The entrant is responsible for obtaining written permission and paying any fee related to the use of copyright material including trademarks. A copy of the permission must accompany the quilt .
  17. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  18. The 2QMod Sub Committee reserves the right to disqualify any quilt not suitable for hanging.
  19. Closing date for re turn of entry form is August 14, 2021
  20. Closing date for delivery of entries is September 11, 2021 . Please deliver your quilt to any regular 2QMod or Queensland Quilters Inc. meeting or post to GPO Box 2841, Brisbane. 4001.

Any questions please contact Margot Kitchen 2QMod@ qldquilters.com phone mobile 0400 690 205.

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2020 2QMod "Off Kilter MODERN / Asymmetrical Design" Challenge Entry Form

2QMod Challenge Entry Form 2022

Please read carefully and complete all sections. You will have to fill out a separate form for each quilt.

First Name
Last name
Type Number including area code, without any spaces: 0712345678
Type all numbers without spaces: 0421345678
( Not applicable if under 18 years of age please indicate age instead.

Quilt Details

Please describe the process of design for your Applique MODERN quilt your source of inspiration and creation including techniques used. These details will be on display with the entry whilst on exhibition.

Photo of Quilt

File Upload

Maximum file size: 2MB

Copyright – Inspiration Artwork & Artist, or Source. (Please upload documents relating to Copyright permission, if applicable)

File Upload

Maximum file size: 2MB



Payment – your Quilt Entry will be valid once you have completed payment

Choose your Payment Method *

Direct Deposit – Name of Account: Queensland Quilters Inc BSB: 034-002 Account Number: 768617 Please use QS your first initial and last name as the payment reference.

Credit Card – Please contact Verna Hunt with your credit card details. Mobile: 0409 062 485